Girl Friday Cooking Co. Website & Logo

new-girl-friday-siteGretchen McNary is one of my most special friends in the whole world…ever, and folks, she is knocking it out of the park with her new business. In case you haven’t heard, she has a cooking business called Girl Friday Cooking Co. She puts out a weekly menu of 4-5 selections, takes orders via her website, and then delivers the orders to several nearby gyms or even to your house! Her food is fresh, made from scratch and packed up in cute little generous single serving containers.

She wanted a logo that evoked that 1960’s era when the term Girl Friday was coined. We tweaked a cute little stock illustration of a woman cooking and added some a funky type to create this fun logo.

Her website, simple as it seems, actually has some power behind it. We are using a great custom form plugin called Gravity Forms to develop a custom menu ordering system each week. If you are already a customer of hers, you know there have been some growing pains, but as we work through them, things are┬ástreamlining. Look for more improvements and a new “pay as you order” system soon!

I couldn’t be more proud of all of her hard work!Gretchen and Maggie

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