Why Choose Wayout Design Over DIY Web Design?

Why choose custom web design?DIY web design is everywhere. GoDaddy, Network Solutions and Wix all offer site building tools that seem easy enough to use. For some of you that may be all you need, just a few clicks, and your site is up and running. Most of you, however, will want a little more.

Think of it as a trip to a fast food restaurant. Sure, you could go to McDonald’s and order a sandwich, or you could go to Chipotle and order exactly what you want. You’d much rather have a burrito filled with those delicious rice and beans. Are you a carnitas lover or that spicy chicken? Doesn’t matter, because you can get exactly what you want. Customization at McDonald’s is tolerated but not encouraged, whereas the folks at Chipotle expect you to customize your burrito.

Customization is key…

You often can’t get that with the pre-fab sites offered by the hosting companies. Web design is not their core business. It’s an add-on for them.

At the beginning of this process, you may not think your needs require a customized website, but they almost always do. As soon as you begin to incorporate your own logo, photo, colors, and text into a site, you are customizing. The pre-fab sites will let you upload some of your own graphics, but in order for them to look good, they need fit into a specific slot on that website.

Let’s look at your logo…do you have your logo file? Is it in a format that your website will accept? Next you have to figure out if it’s the correct size. Chances are, it’s not. Now you’re faced with figuring out how to determine the size of your logo, resize it and save it in the correct format. I can almost guarantee this process will involve phone calls, Google searches, and tutorials, just to get your logo looking good on your site. This whole process takes valuable time that you could be spending on your core business!

Let Wayout Design figure all of this out. You know what you want, and we can make it happen.

We have been very lucky that the vast majority of our projects have come from family and friends, with very little “selling” needed. However, a few months ago, I had a meeting with a potential client that was a little different. The casual good vibe that always comes with meeting with a new client was there, but I could tell this man wasn’t “sold” on Wayout Design. This client is, in fact, in sales, and he wanted me to give him my “spiel!” Uh-oh, I don’t really have one of those… discomfort set it. My usual calm confident nature was out the window, and I began to squirm a little. I was feeling…(gulp) vulnerable. As I stumbled over my words, this kind man gave me my pitch. He said “So, I know what I want my website to do, how I want it to look…and you can make that happen.” And there it was, plain as day.

Stay focused on your business and let a custom web developer/designer build you a beautiful, functional website.

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