This is just the beginning.

We’ve got to start somewhere.  After years of designing web sites for friends, family and actual clients (yes!), it’s high time that Wayout Design make a website of our own.  It seems so EASY when we do it for others.  It feels very different now that we are the client (albeit of our own).

I guess this experience will give us much needed perspective.  It’s hard to whittle down what a business means to you in just a few links and images.  Like a resume, a web site should be a “quick glance” at your business.  You, the individual, have to provide the backstory, the heart and the soul through your personal interactions with your customers.

Join us as we journey through this evolutionary process.  It will change.  It will ebb and flow.  A website has to, or why would anyone continue to come back, right?

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