Finding Your Voice.

Blogging - Find Your Voice

This blog is not about how you pretend you’re Beyonce in the shower. It’s also not about making a name for yourself on the dive bar karaoke circuit. This blog is about blogging and why finding your voice (or finding someone else to be your voice) counts if you have goals like:

  • Getting site traffic
  • Getting leads
  • Getting while the getting’s good (and even when it’s not so good)

Your Blog Is Important, Or…It Should Be.

Here’s the thing: You have to know your stuff and deliver it in such a way that it resonates. At a minimum, three things matter:

  1. What you say…
  2. How you say it…
  3. And having some all-knowing Google analytics smartypants behind the scenes optimizing “The What” and “The How” so the right audience can find you 

The time has come to be taken seriously as someone who knows everything about something, because chances are there is some other wise guy or gal selling what you sell or providing what you provide. You have to be ready, willing and able to prove you are louder, prouder, different and better.

Sure, in some ways I am talking about your brand, but part of your brand story is your voice. Do you have one? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you?

Please. Speak. Up.

Part of the ball of wax that encompasses your brand is the ability to wax poetic about what makes you the authority on whatever gig or game or that you’re in. Because that, my friends, will translate into lots of Google love, which is the greatest love of all, despite what those song lyrics say.

Your Blog Is Important, Or…It Could Be.

Say you’re in the business of selling home decor. While most people would love to live in a home that’s worthy of being featured on HGTV, most people actually don’t. The trick is to help folks think that they too could create a stunning abode and give them the tools and resources to do so. It’s up to you to use your voice to speak to what’s on trend, on point and about to be the next big thing before it’s even a thing.

You could consider blogging about:

  • What’s hot and not in color palettes
  • Designing a dorm room that doesn’t feel like a prison cell
  • Building a fire pit that won’t burn through a budget

You see, relevant blog topics like these can help establish you as an industry leader. You know who loves industry leaders who use their voices to disseminate subject matter expertise with authority and general awesomeness? Search engines! And when search engines look upon you favorably, something magical (well not magical, but actually quite analytical) happens: Your search engine rankings get better!

Your Blog Is Important, Or…It Will Be.

Maybe you have so much to say, share and give, but you lack the will or the words to impart your wisdom to the masses. Understood. Sometimes you need a hired gun who’ll gun for your fair share of traffic on that vast and voluminous world wide web. You need someone who will say what you would say if only you could say it. You need a blogger.

Establishing and maintaining a blog that’ll support your goals to increase site traffic, leads and conversions takes time. Do you have time? Because apparently time is money and hiring a blogger to write a quality blog once a week that’ll support your business goals isn’t nearly as expensive as you might think.

As it turns out, finding someone to be your voice might be preferable to cultivating your own voice. The good news: Any smart, talented blogger will tell your story with wit and wisdom that’ll bring you pride, joy…

and boost your search engine rankings to boot.


You ready for some help with that blog?