About Wayout Design

At Wayout Design, we value our clients, and we want to help you succeed! We will design a website that brings together your business goals with your identity. Who are you, how do you define yourself in your industry, and where do you see yourself this time next year? These are all things that we can help you define. Maybe you only need a website, or maybe your business identity needs a makeover–whatever your needs, Wayout will design a custom solution to help you achieve your goals.

We have real-life experience.

Even though we’ve been designing/developing websites and print materials for over 14 years, it’s been mostly freelance. It’s time we upped our game and became a viable small business, so we are right in there with you as you grow yours. We are coming across the same small business hurdles that you are. Luckily for you, we’ve got that whole graphic design end of things already figured out.

One of the most important things you can do to add legitimacy to your business is to develop a cohesive identity package. Your business identity needs to clearly and uniquely represent you. A unified front for your business shows your clients your professionalism and allows you to be taken seriously. Wayout can help you figure all of this out. At the very least you’ll need a great website that will help you grow your business.

You are the #1-most-important thing in our design process.

We are not happy unless you are happy. We want you fully involved in the design process from start to finish. We need to hear what you like about the websites that you frequent, and what don’t you like? It will probably take a little more thought than you were counting on, but this ongoing communication is key to a successful design. The communication process doesn’t end when the website goes “live” either. If you have questions after the fact, get in touch, and we will quickly get back to you to see what’s up.

We value a personal approach.

We are a small operation. You deal directly with the owners of the company for every project. A successful project benefits both of us, so it’s in both of our best interests that we personally make sure you are happy with the end product. Because of this, we only take a limited number of projects at one time.

Inspiration is everywhere.

Our eyes and minds are always open to new ideas. We love beautiful color combinations and funky patterns, original artwork and great writing.  It’s our goal to incorporate some or all of this in each project. That which we’ve never seen before is always most interesting! If you have anything that has stuck in your mind, bring it to the table! Is it a tree that you can’t believe is still standing? Is it a beautiful archway in your favorite building? Is it the colors you saw in the Pottery Barn catalog…(we’re all guilty of this one…haha)? The point is, we get our inspiration from everyday things and we’d love to know what makes you say…WOW!

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